Lucky Drop


Game Theory

System Setting long pole, the prize out,

System Setting Short pole, No prize out

Keep the exactly same prize with the

same weight, same size, same hanging

positing, then keep the award rate.

Prize Choise


  • Box Packed

    Bag Pack snack

  • IP Dolls

  • Toys

    Daily Use

Prize Fix Suggestions

Arrangement effect of 150 barrels of

potato chips

Heap up to

make it more


Normal Problem for Hanging on the Prize

① Different Size, Weight prize

②Same outface but

different weights

③Non-refreshing Prize

when hanger is empty

Prize Fix

Sticker、Rope、Pin , 1000 pcs together

with shipping

  • All stickers must be in

    the same ever

  • All pins in the same position



Parts Listing① 28CM Hight Doll

Parts Listing②

62CM Doll 1pcs

Parts Listing③

POP Flag 3pcs

POP Holder 3pcs

Parts Listing

Link: Lucky Drop Operation methodDownload

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